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What do I need to refinish old wood furniture?

For that you will need an sandpaper . A more abrasive sandpaper ensures a deep grinding, a finer one will create a smoother surface. Polishing the furniture. This is an equally important stage for the refinish of old solid wood furniture.

What is refinishing furniture?

Refinishing furniture is the process that involves the application of repair and restoration methods in order to restore and bring back besides the repair, also the aesthetic factor ( removing stains and scratches, restoring the polish and refreshing the color) of the furniture.

How do I clean a metal furniture?

To refinish the metal furniture you need a space, a wire brush and a hair brush, anti-rust treatment, emerald and anti-rust paint. The furniture is cleaned of rust with a space brush, then with a metal brush.

How to make wood furniture look more colorful?

If you want the furniture to be colorful, but the wood fiber is visible, use the finish with a wood stain and varnish. If you use a water-based wood fiber bath, it will rise slightly and the surface will become rougher. Don’t be scared. You will solve the problem by the first coat or the first coat of varnish.

Why apply a slightly larger amount of paint after drying?

Apply a slightly larger amount because the drying volume decreases with drying. After drying, grind to level. After you removed the paint, you probably noticed some flaws that until now were impossible to see. The cracks that appear in the wood must be blocked to ensure the integrity of the furniture object.

How do I stain wood like a professional?

Here is a step by step guide how to stain wood like a professional! Application of primer. Normally, after drying the bath, a coat of primer is applied. It ensures better adhesion to the wood and loads better (has more resin and better coating). However, there are also lakes that can be used as a primer.

How to remove old wood finish?

To remove the old finish, use a solvent or stripper spray. It is easy to use and does not leak. Sprinkle the wood stripper spray evenly over the entire surface you want to clean and allow it to act for 5-10 minutes. You will then see how the old finish begins to rise from the wood.

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